About us


Recent advances in technology and increasing progress offer new miniaturised products. Technological revolution allows us to put rocket science into mass devices such as smartphones. We build on photonics, microelectronics, spectrophotometry, fast imaging, infrared imaging, computerised colorimetry and other fields to design new solutions that are not on the market. Our other competences lie in biomedical engineering, cell engineering, physiological parameter monitoring, bioinformatics and wearable and mobile analytical devices. We maintain close co-operation with Brno University of Technology, Masaryk University and St. Anne's University Hospital Brno, including participation in research projects. We are co-authors of a number of national and EU patents.


We are not satisfied with what we see. We sense the dreams and ideas of customers who refuse to accept technological limits and need perfect solutions. These are real challenges that lead to new solutions. Our interdisciplinary team is open to wishes and tasks that do not appear feasible. We combine the most recent technology and methods available, usually in different scientific fields — but we always add something more, something that enables us to solve a problem and that definitely excites our business partners. Our major competence is innovation. We innovate with enthusiasm and rejoice in customer satisfaction.


Dream – idea – vision – solution. Such a product life-cycle would not be complete without a developed product that a customer can hold in his or her hand and use. We use our best technology and innovation potential to reach a solution. However, we always make a physical product. Hardware creation, design and ergonomy, rapid prototyping, software coding, smartphone application design, laboratory tests, customer tests and mass production planning. These are steps we always carry out during the development regardless of whether we are working on our new products or solving business partners’ problems. We need all the solutions to work and be in the form of a prototype.